About Us

Jefferies Seeds is a family-owned and operated seed business based five miles west of Glenboro, Manitoba. We provide our customers with a variety of seed choices and inputs, to fit their farming operation.

We believe strongly in continued investment in areas including technology, infrastructure, product offerings and services to allow our customers to stay ahead of the curve in a changing agriculture industry.

Our Story


Sid and Mary Jefferies started the farm with 320 acres. At this time, they raised horses, cattle, pigs, chickens and goats.


Archie Jefferies, Sid and Mary’s son, and his wife Lily, took over the farm and expanded it by purchasing another 160 acres.


Ivan Jefferies, Archie and Lily’s son, took over the farm, with his wife Gwen and they continued to grow the farm by purchasing more land.


Ivan and Gwen’s only son, Ron Jefferies, and his wife Wanda, moved into the farm house. Wanda and Ron continued to expand the farm while raising their two boys. Then Ivan and Gwen retired and moved into town.


Ron was looking for opportunities to diversify the farm, so he purchased seed cleaning equipment and founded Jefferies Seeds: a company that is specialized in cleaning grain for other farmers.


Ron sold the cows so that he could focus on his growing business, Jefferies Seeds.  It was also at this time that Ron started planting soybeans and pulses, to obtain seeds to sell to other farmers.


Jefferies Seeds expanded to over 2,000 acres and invested in irrigation systems.


Jefferies Seeds started growing and selling fava bean seeds to farmers.


Jefferies Seeds expanded their processing capabilities and built a brand NEW processing plant that is also fully food certified.

The Jefferies Seeds Team

Ron Jefferies

Ron started Jefferies Seeds in 1994 and has built the business to what it is today. He has been apart of the farm since 1981 when he started farming with his father Ivan. He has graduated with an Ag Diploma from the University of Manitoba and has served as a director on the Manitoba Seed Growers Association, and president of Westoba Credit Union board.

Riley Jefferies

Riley is a son of Ron's and joined the business in 2011 after graduating from the University of Manitoba with an Ag Dipolma. He is involved in all aspects of the business including custom corn planting, agronomy, field work, operations, and certified seed sales.

Cale Jefferies

Cale joined the business in 2013 after graduating from the University of Guelph with a degree in Agriculture Economics. Cale is highly involved in the Pioneer Hi-Bred section of Jefferies Seeds along with certified seed operations.

Marvin Hofer

Marvin joined the team as our Plant Manager in 2018 after working at the Co-op fertilizer plant in Brandon. Marvin splits his time between Prairie Fava and Jefferies Seeds! If something doesn’t work properly or is broken, everyone’s first call is Marvin. Level headed and a great personality, Marvin is always a pleasure to be around. When he is not working, you can usually find Marvin working on his truck!

Tanner Riddle - Jefferies Seeds

Tanner Riddle

Tanner joined us in 2020. He also recently completed his taxidermy certificate! Tanner is our yard manager and makes sure things are organized and flowing. He runs our seed treater in the spring and is a huge part of the trucking crew come fall time. He isn’t afraid to jump into any task, and is a hard worker with a great attitude. When Tanner isn’t working he is probably outside somewhere, hunting, fishing, or golfing!

Kyle O'Connar - Jefferies Seeds

Kyle O'Connar

Kyle recently graduated from Wawanesa High School this spring and joined us in our summer student role. Kyle is eager to get his feet wet in the agriculture industry, and he is a fast learner! Kyle helps manage daily yard maintenance and gets thrown into a wide range of tasks.

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