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Jefferies Seeds has an established track record of providing quality seed and service to many growers in many communities. Please contact us for a consultation of which varieties will suit your farming operation and ultimately achieve your goals.

Spring Wheat

ACC Brandon

AAC Brandon is an awned, semi-dwarf CWRS variety that when compared to AC® Carberry has +5% grain yield, 0.5 days earlier maturity, 1 cm shorter and similar lodging tolerance, and excellent disease resistance package.

  • Bolles- Consistent protin and yield
  • .8% higher protein than Carberry
  • 105% yield of Carberry over 5 years
  • semi-dwarf good lodging
  • 1-2 days later than Carbrry
  • High falling numbers
  • some tollerence to Salinity

AAC Cameron VB

  • Highest yielding CWRS wheat in all provinces with significantly better loding resistance
  • Best FHB resistance and lowest DON accumulation in MB Ag study
  • Resistance to leaf and stem rust, midge tolerant
  • Varietal blend with Carberry for midge-susceptible refuge
  • Included in the Warburtons contracting program
  • Awned

AAC Starbuck VB *NEW*

AC Starbuck VB is a semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein, good straw strength, lower FHB and DON accumulation, plus it’s tolerant to the Orange wheat blossom midge.


AAC Connect *MALT*

Best FHB resistance in its class with superior yield and short, strong straw.

• High yielding
• Short, strong straw
• Heavier and plumper kernels
• Higher malt extract and friability
• Lower wort viscosity and beta glucan content
• Malt quality similar to AC Metcalfe
• Included on the CMBTC variety recommended list

Conlon *FEED*

  • Early maturity
  • top rated for fuzarium
  • smooth awned 2 row
  • reliable bushel weigh and kernal size

Austenson *FEED*

CDC Austenson is a 2-row hulled feed barley with top grain yield and short, strong straw



A very high yielding oat with excellent lodging resistance. Grower and miller approved with high yields and improved quality.

  • Very high yields
  • Shorter stature, with better lodging resistance
  • High leaf biomass
  • Better grain quality than Triactor – higher % plump, less thins, higher beta glucan
  • Approved milling variety

CDC Arborg

CDC Arborg is a very high yielding, early maturing white milling oat that stands very well. It has excellent market opportunities, with good groat percentage, low thins and high beta-glucan, which has millers anxiously awaiting this variety’s commercial release in spring 2020.

AC Summit

Well known for its short stature, AC Summit has stood up against the competition. A white milling oat with proven yields, good harvestability, and medium maturity makes for an easy harvest and has been a proven standard for millers.

Fava beans

DL Rico

Low tannin medium size with low vicine convicine for food use.

(contracts available)


Low tannin medium size 

(contracts available)

Yellow Peas

AAC Carver

The perfect package – high yields and early maturity.

  • A field pea suited to every area and situation
  • Very good yields
  • Early maturity
  • Large seed size


AC Hazlet

Fall rye with large kernels, improved test weight, high grain yield, strong straw and excellent winter hardiness

Suitable for feed, food and industrial uses

Forages/Cover Crops

4010 forage peas

4010 is a forage pea variety with good yield potential, high protein, and tall height. They are commonly mixed with oats or barley to make a silage blend,


CDC Glas

Brown seeded oil seed flax with higher yields and stronger straw than CDC Bethune

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