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Spring Wheat


  • The “Wheat King”!
  • #1 CWRS in acres planted in western Canada since 2016
  • Short, strong straw
  • MR to FHB, R to leaf rust, stem rust, MR to stripe rust and smut
  • 116% of Carberry
  • Top-in-class standability
  • Excellent disease package
  • ‘MR’ for FHB, ‘R’ to all other priority one diseases
  • Wheat midge tolerant
  • Refugee is AAC Hockley
  • Great combination of short, strong straw and disease resistance in a MTW
  • Yield 104% of AAC Brandon 
  • MR to FHB 
  • Short, strong straw 
  • I to stem rust, MR to leaf and stripe rust 
  • Refuge is AAC Brandon 
  • Very high yield potential
  • Highest yielding CWRS in 2020 MCVET
  • Strong standing
  • Short semi-dwarf – equal to AAC Viewfield
  • Early maturity, 2 days earlier than Carberry
  • Improved protein – similar to Carberry


  • Very high yield potential; 105% of CS Camden
  • Short plant height
  • Early end-use demand
  • 10 cm shorter than CS Camden
  • 6 cm shorter than AC® Summit
  • Leaf Rust R
  • Stripe Rust R
  • Best standability available
  • Excellent milling characteristics with high beta-glucan
  • Very high yields
  • Shorter stature, with better lodging resistance
  • High leaf biomass
  • Better grain quality than Triactor – higher % plump, less thins, higher beta glucan
  • Approved milling variety
  • Approved for milling!
  • White hulled milling oat with improved yield and strong straw
  • Yield 106% of Summit 
  • 3 days earlier than Summit
  • 5 cam taller and stronger straw than Summit 
  • High beta-glucan 
  • MR to crown rust and smut


  • Standard in 2-row feed barley
  • Grain yield 108% of CDC Copeland
  • Stronger straw than CDC Copeland
  • High test weight and % plump
  • High yielding, strong strawed 2-row malt barley 
  • Yield 106% of CDC Copeland 
  • Strong straw (allows maximum productivity and efficient harvest)
  • Viewed as a potential malt replacement for both AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland
  • Adapted to western Canada
  • Broadly adapted across Western Canada
  • Listed as a recommended variety by the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre with “Established Market Demand”
  • Great yield potential, 13% higher than AC Metcalfe and 10% higher than CDC Copeland*
  • Unique quality profile that lends to both the adjunct and craft brewing markets
  • Higher extract than AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland with lower beta-glucan levels


  • The most wildly grown fall rye in western Canada
  • Excellent winter survival
  • Shorter straw than traditional fall rye
  • Very high yielding
  • Multi-purpose Rye: Grain; feed, flour, and distilling
  • Excellent straw strength
  • Very good drought stress tolerance
  • Low ergot risk
Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat

  • #1 winter wheat in western Canada
  • Yield 112% of the checks
  • Very Good winter survival
  • MR to FHB, S to stem, I to lead, MR to stripe rust
  • Height -5 cm vs checks
  • Maturity +2 days vs checks


  • Game-changing brown seeded flax
  • Yield 112% of CDC Bethune
  • Large seed -17% larger than CDC Bethune
  • 4 days later than CDC Bethune
  • Stronger straw than CDC Bethune
Yellow Peas


  • A field pea suited to every area and situation
  • Very good yields
  • Early maturity
  • Large seed size
  • Highest yielding yellow pea
  • Rated “G” for seed coat breakage
  • Easy to harvest
  • Resistant to Powdery Mildew, “I” for Fusarium Wilt
  • Semi-leafless
  • Short vine length
  • Significantly smaller seed size
  • High protein content
  • Excellent for seed coat breakage
  • Increased yield vs checks
  • Semi-leafless
  • Resistance to powdery mildew
Fava Beans

Fava Beans

  • A coloured flower variety
  • Low Vicine and Convicine
  • One of the highest yielding fava beans on the Canadian market
  • Small seed size
  • Suitable for the feed and food markets
  • Closed loop contracting with Prairie Fava
  • Coloured flower variety
  • Low Vicine and Convincine
  • High yield
  • Average seed size
  • Suitable for feed and food market
Navy Beans

Navy Beans

  • 1st western Canadian Navy bean to be rated R for both Anthracnose race 73 and CBB (blight)
  • Yielding 101% of T9905
  • Suitable for irrigation and dry land production in Manitoba and Saskatchewan
  • Accepted variety by all buyers
Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans

  • A really good direct harvest option for pinto beans
  • A very upright plant structure that has great harvestability and pod height for pinto bean
  • A regular darkening variety
  • Great choice for Manitoba and Saskatchewan dry land production
Black Beans

Black Beans

  • High yield
  • Good performance in dryland production
  • Earlier maturity than CDC Jet or CDC Superjet
  • Good pod clearance – suitable for straight combining
  • Fewer ‘stone seeds’ than CDC Jet

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