Seed Treating

Our Seed Treating Facility

Treating your seed has never been this easy. Our bulk system allows you to pick up your seed with fresh treatment so it’s ready for the field. Treating seed has become very popular as growers want to give their crop every advantage as it heads into the growing season. Our Seed Treating facility allows the seed to have uniform application of the entire seed while handling that seed with care.

The Importance of Seed Treating

  • If the seed is worth planting, then it’s worth protecting with a seed treatment.
  • Seed treatments minimize the impact diseases cause at the critical stand establishment phase.
  • Seed Treatments help the plant become established to better utilize moisture and nutrients. 
  • A treated seed uses energy reserves to emerge and grow, rather than defending itself from invading disease pathogens

We sell and custom apply only the best performing products on the market to give your crop the nutrients that it needs.

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